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Friday, July 29, 2011

scientific method in Earth science

Scientific Method in Earth Science


Sentence Types--Karen West

Visit my prezi--here

scientific method

Scientific Method Prezi here.


US History

Elements of a Narrative--Karen West

Elements of a Narrative -- Karen West

Project Overview Plate Tectonics (jennifer rose)

Here is the project overview

Computer Lab Fun Video

Cata on Mimeo


Dagilis Survey

Super Powers Project

Visit my Prezi here.

scientific method

Desert Biome Video

Biome Movie Project - Description & Planning Sheet

Rubric for final project

Here is my rubric  _US
Vimeo on Snowbird, Utah by Mike Stone

Rubric for Biome Movie Project

Connect to my Discipline Prezi here!

GRAPES On Me Movie Rubric (Barak Obama) by Maria and Cathy
Please visit my Prezi here!

PBL Once Upon A Time...rubric by Paul Farbman

China's Little Ambassador Story with Technology

Lunch Time!

ME (jennifer rose)

PBL Barak Obama by Maria & Cathy

Stone's iMovie for Snowbird, Utah

NHHS School Project

This is an example of what I will expect students to complete in project based learning.

Discipline Without Stress, Punishment, or Rewards

PBL Calendar for Once Upon A Time... by Paul Farbman

PBL Learning Guide for Once Upon A Time... by Paul Farbman

PBL Overview for Once Upon A Time...

Karen West Idioms Video

Erin Thomas post for this awesome class

6th Grade Earth Science Plate Boundaries

Danielle Mulholland Project

In both History and English fiction, identify qualities of character, themes, conflicts
and resolutions as well as defend a thesis about heroes.

What is a hero

How can we build a prezi to share what our opinions are about books we have read or to showcase an ancient History Hero
How can we make an IMOVIE that will defend a thesis about why certain ancient civilization figures are heroes or why they are not
take a survey, create a google doc survey about heroes, and respond to a wiki prompt about heroes

Felipe and Paul's Prezi

Paul Farbman's "How to Fry an Egg" Photo Story 3

fun things I did in my class!

my prezi   
my video

my final project

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THANK YOU for being such a wonderful group. This is fun!

I am...

Here is an example of " I am " without using the poem template. The students may have access to numerous photographs on their smart devices.