Sharing Our Work

We have shared food and ideas. Now it is time to post and share our work.

Please post your overall plan, your imovie and your prezi.

Friday, August 12, 2011

What I learned at Summer PD,

The Summer PD at Mulholland MS: 21st Century Skills of Technology in Project Based Learning Environment went very well.

Day #1

We were introduced to a relatively new free online application/program called Prezi. Prezi is an online interactive cloud-based resource where you can upload text data, audio, video, media and organize your info for presentations with ease and your presentations can come alive to engage your audience w/o putting them to sleep. I have included a link to my 1st Prezi, and as I am a science teacher the topic is Forces, so may the force be with you. The link to this first Prezi, titled: May the Force be with you is as follows:
Additionally, in the afternoon we were introduced to a book produced by the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) called PBL Starter Kit. Useful tools related to this book are available for free at Please check out their resources.
Day #2

We were instructed to grab some photos off the net via google images or whatever photo sharing resource website that you preferred, drag 'em to your desktop, then drag 'em to your Iphotos, then input them into an IMovie. We were instructed upon adding an audio clip, transitions, spoken word over the as the photo plays, Ken Burns effects, cropping the photos, adding text to the photos. The idea was to stitch the photos together to tell people about who you are, what you do, what you're about. I created my 2nd IMovie, the topic was about my class, it was set to Sly & the Family Stone's "Sing a Simple Song" and runs @45 seconds. Were also introduced to a free online application called vimeo. After I created and saved my video titled "This Class", I uploaded my video to vimeo and it's now available for people to view online. 
The link to the video is:

Day #3

We were instructed to plan a lesson that we as educators can roll out to our students using an online application or program that could model the end result for our students. We chose to do a PBL (Project Based Learning) lesson about measuring and measurements. We chose an application from the web page known as
The application we chose is called Popplett: to model our project for the students. Our student project model is located here:

Day #4

We were finishing up our multimedia lesson plans. I created this blog on this day because we finished our lesson plan early. A week of learning, a week of doing, sharing and creating, a week well spent.